March 16, 2017

Video killed the radio star

I love music videos. When I was fourteen, after years of begging, we got Sky. From then on, I’d got back from school every day laden with snacks and settle myself in front of the TV to spend a few hours flicking through the music channels. MTV had stopped playing any music long ago, just Cribs and My Super Sweet Sixteen, so I’d start at MTV2 (alternative) and flick through every genre, every era, until I got to Channel U (grime). Then, I’d go back to MTV2 and repeat until dinner.

Thinking back, it’s probably why I like such a wide range of music. I’d have got the soul, Motown and rock from my p...

February 28, 2017

On Saturday night, I went to a Fleetwood Mac themed club night. It was incredible. I danced my face off. But I don’t want to talk to you about my dancing. Nobody would. I want to talk to you about Fleetwood Mac. One album specifically. An album that had its 40th birthday this month.

That album is Rumours.

On first listen, on a purely musical perspective, knowing nothing about the album’s background, the songs are wonderful. Those harmonies on Second Hand News, the hypnotic lull of Dreams, the power of Go Your Own Way, the delicacy of Songbird, the damn RIFF from The Chain. It’s just everything you want, and need, in an al...

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