August 21, 2017

We’ve been quiet recently. At least, that’s how it must seem. We haven’t released any new music, we haven’t played any gigs, and we haven’t done anything all that social-media-friendly.

Life has been anything but quiet. The past few months have been a wonderful period of variety, intensity and often insanity. And it all feeds back in the bit you might be interested in - the music.

There’s a pattern in music at the moment. Fixated on scavenging some success within a current trend, many bands or artists are simply rehashing or recreating something already out there. The problem is that by the time a trend is doing well, it’...

March 28, 2017

Let’s all move to Berlin, because...

Actually, I'll start from the beginning.

I’m a Londoner

I was born here, in Holloway, and I grew up at the end of the Northern Line in Barnet (as in “This train terminates at High…”). Since I left home, I’ve stayed in Camden, Kings Cross and Cannon Street, but mostly in Shoreditch. When I was studying in Bristol, I’d be back here once every few weeks for the weekend, or to play midweek gigs (always on a Wednesday for some reason). So except for seven months in Asia, I can safely say I’ve lived here almost all my life.

love London. I’m struck weekly, if not daily, with new things that s...

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